‘The end of the world is coming’: The future of Hollywood in the wake of the Snowden revelations

The future looks bright for Hollywood in light of revelations about the scope of surveillance carried out by the US National Security Agency.

However, for some, the future is already here.

A number of films and TV shows have been made since the Snowden disclosures, and it has been the subject of renewed discussion and debate.

This week, the BBC has published an article entitled ‘The End of the World is Coming’.

The article, which focuses on the Snowden leaks, describes the end of Hollywood as a ‘dark time’ and the film industry as a “fairytale”.

“It has been a nightmare of the past few years,” it states.

“We have seen a number of Hollywood movies and TV series which are about the NSA, the NSA and all these things.”

The article goes on to describe Hollywood as “a dark time” and the media as a fictional ‘world”.

“The people of Hollywood are the best in the world.” “

There is no such thing as a bad movie,” it continues.

“The people of Hollywood are the best in the world.”

The statement also states that “we live in an Orwellian age” with “new technologies”, which will eventually lead to the “collapse of a system of governance that has long existed”.

However, in the meantime, the film, The End of The World, is currently being made by Universal Pictures, with production set to begin this summer.

This comes just days after a number in Hollywood, including Leonardo DiCaprio, John Cusack, and Tom Hanks, wrote to President Donald Trump in an open letter.

“It is with great sadness and regret that we must write to you, President Donald J. Trump,” the letter read.

“As you know, we have been living under a cloud of uncertainty for some time.

We have seen reports of a massive and indiscriminate data breach involving the personal data of thousands of American citizens and businesses.

We are deeply concerned that the President has not taken the necessary steps to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure.

We also fear that the White House has not been sufficiently transparent and responsive to the American people, as evidenced by the fact that his administration has not publicly explained the scope and nature of the NSA’s spying program, which is an absolute disgrace.”

The letter went on to say that “this is a dark time for Hollywood”.

The statement was also signed by “Hollywood’s finest”, including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and Leonardo DiCicco.

In the statement, they added that “the truth is out there, and we must not let this happen.”

“In light of this, the American People have the right to know the truth about the activities of the National Security State,” the group said.

“Therefore, we call on you to step in, and protect their privacy by ending the secret and unaccountable National Security Programs that have been revealed to the public.”

This article was originally published on Al Jazeera’s sister website The Wire.