Trump tweets about beef, meat, pork, pigs: ‘We’re all gonna get fat, we’re all going to get sick, we are going to die!’

On Wednesday, the President-elect posted a message on Twitter that seemed to suggest he is serious about fighting global warming, despite his apparent inability to grasp the concepts of climate change and the effects of human activity on it.

“We’re gonna get the hell out of here,” he tweeted.

“The planet is warming up, and it’s not good.

The world is going to hell.

We’re going to take care of it.” 

Trump was referencing the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund (GCF), a global effort that aims to slow global warming.

Trump was referring to the United Nation’s Green Climate Program, a fund established in 2015 to encourage the development of energy and environmental technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The GCF has been a massive success, with nearly 70% of pledges made to date met or exceeded its goals.

It is estimated that about half of the GCF’s funding is already being spent on climate mitigation. 

“We are all gonna be getting fat, sick, and dying.

It’s all going in the same direction.

The only difference is we’re not going to need to wear the same clothes, cook the same meals, or go to the same doctor.

We are all going down the same path,” Trump wrote. 

While Trump may not be fully aware of the effects that global warming has on human beings, he has made clear that he believes that the world is on the brink of catastrophe. 

In a recent interview with Fox News, Trump acknowledged that he is “not sure if he’s ever going to make any major decisions” about climate change.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever make a decision,” Trump said, adding that he will “probably” make a “big decision” on climate change if he takes office. 

However, Trump has made a number of promises during his time in office.

He signed an executive order on January 20 that instructed the EPA to begin planning for the effects climate change will have on the nation’s air quality. 

On January 21, Trump signed an order requiring the EPA and other federal agencies to prepare for “significant impacts” from climate change on the environment, including the impact of sea level rise, melting glaciers, extreme weather, and increased flooding. 

Trump has also proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure bill, which includes $1 trillion for new projects that would improve the nations infrastructure and create jobs. 

Additionally, Trump is expected to sign an executive action on January 26 that will create a commission to examine how the U.S. can better combat climate change, a proposal that has been criticized by some scientists and environmentalists. 

Earlier this month, Trump also called on the American people to reject the Paris climate accord. 

It was a similar sentiment that was echoed in a statement on Wednesday by the President Elect’s climate change spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. 

According to the statement, Trump will also sign an order on Tuesday, January 24, that will eliminate all federal subsidies for carbon emissions.