How to get the best NCIS season 16 spoilers from the web, the podcast, and other places

A new season of NCIS is on the way, and the showrunners of the popular crime drama have given fans a first look at the upcoming season, which is set to premiere in early 2018.

In the first episode of season 16 of the show, the producers revealed some of the major twists and turns that will occur in the season.

We have exclusive spoilers for the entire season here, but we’ve included a few highlights below.

You can read our exclusive NCIS Season 16 spoilers, which cover all major plot points, below.1.

You won’t be able to see everyone in Season 16 1.00am A man in a blue shirt is seen sitting in a coffee shop.

He is surrounded by the staff of the coffee shop and a group of employees.

He looks at the clock, and then says, “You don’t need to sit here.

I’m going to get out of here.”1.00pm A man walks through a parking lot.

It is empty except for the man.

He sits in the front seat and says, ‘Hey, do you know what’s going on?

There are two people inside that car.’1.04pm The man is seen walking away from a store with a young girl.

The girl says, “‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The man says, and walks away.1,05pm A woman sits in a parking spot with a man.

She says, “”He’s a cop, he’s not a spy.”‘

The woman says, as she walks away from the man with a gun drawn.1:45pm A car pulls up in front of the woman and the man says to her, “Hey, can I get you a drink?”

She says no, and they start arguing.1pm A young girl walks up to a man and asks, “Can I ask you a question?”

The man replies, “I’m not here to talk to you.”

The girl replies, ‘Oh, ok.’

“The man then asks, ‘So, what’s the point of this whole thing?’

The girl replies,’ Well, I’m sure you’ll get over it.’

The man says,’ No, you’re not.

We just want you to know that we’re here to get you out of there.

The woman replies, “”I don, know what we’re talking on.'”

The man replies.

The man then replies, “‘But I’ll tell you this.

We’re going to take care of you.'”

The girl then replies ‘That’s not true.”

The man and the girl then argue.

The man walks away with a woman.

The police officers say, ‘Where are you going?’

The woman responds, ‘I’m gonna go with you.’

“The woman says ‘Do you know where I am?’

The man responds, “‘Oh, no.

No I’m not.

I was going to the bar.’

The girl responds, “So, when we get to your house, I don’t wanna come home with you.’

The man responds.

The cop then says.

The young girl replies ‘I ain’t coming home with ya.'”

The girl then leaves the police car.

The cop tells the man, ‘We’re gonna get you in here.’

The woman then says to the man as she leaves, ‘You’re going out on a limb here, buddy.’

“The cop responds, ‘[This is] going to be a very difficult conversation, but I’ll try.’

The cop then walks away and the woman walks away, laughing.

The video ends with the man walking away with the girl.2.

The new NCIS team member is called ‘Mandy’The new NCis team member, called Mandy, is seen at a bar.

She’s dressed in a white T-shirt and shorts.2:30pm The new member of the NCIS crew walks into a bar, and a bartender asks her if she’s going to drink.

The bartender asks if she knows her name, and Mandy responds, Yes.

The bartender asks why, and she responds, Because I need to tell my bosses what I’ve been up to.3.

The team member tells her teammates about the arrest.

The member then asks what’s happening, and her team member responds, That’s right.

She walks over to her teammate and whispers to her.3:50pm The team members are talking about what’s been happening and then a young man walks in and asks them what’s up.

The two women then walk over to the young man and whisper to him.4.

The squad’s boss is called Captain Jones4.30pm A detective is talking with his colleague.

The detective asks him if he can take a call.

The colleague says, Sure, but the detective asks if he’s ready to go.

The officer replies, Yes, I am.

The supervisor then says he’s gonna get the call,