How to watch the Japanese national team games in the United States with the free podcast

The Japanese national soccer team has announced that it will play its first three home games in California against LA Galaxy, Philadelphia Union and Seattle Sounders.

The schedule is now available online for those interested in watching the games.

While the United Kingdom is currently hosting the European Champions League, the Japanese team is taking the time to make the trip to the United State to play against the US.

In an interview with The Guardian, the national team’s general manager Yasuhiro Maruyama stated that they will be “playing with passion and intensity” against the Galaxy.

It will be interesting to see if the Japanese can continue to play in this atmosphere and with their fans in the stands.

Japan are set to host two of the first three games of the CONCACAF Champions League and have a bye in the third round.

It’s unclear when they will face off against the LA Galaxy.