‘The Four Seasons’: The Season 4 Finale (Video)

On the heels of the big premiere episode, “The Four Season Finale,” the writers and directors of The CW’s supernatural hit, The Flash, are back with another special installment of the series.

The fifth season of The Flash begins with the return of a group of heroes from the DC universe, including the Green Lantern Corps, who are trying to protect Earth from a massive pandemic that threatens the planet.

The showrunners have been teasing this for months, and it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the season finale, “4 Seasons.”

In the finale, the team is reunited with the other members of the Green Arrow Corps, which includes Oliver Queen, Sara Lance, and Felicity Smoak.

While the showrunners had promised fans a big reveal about the team in this final season, they did not reveal too much about the final season’s story arc.

But we do know that the team was headed to a big battle against the virus, and the team has been fighting it back.

The team’s battle with the virus will be the focus of the next season.

The team returns to the speedster city of Metropolis, where they have just been called to the White House to investigate the murder of President Grant (Carlos Valdes), which is linked to a virus outbreak.

But as the team continues their search, they discover a hidden conspiracy that threatens all of them, and will be at the center of the team’s story.

In this final episode, the show gives us some hints about the storyline and how it will unfold, as well as the final battle with Dr. Harrison Wells (guest star Aaron Abrams), the man who saved the planet with his super-speed powers.

The finale also sees the return in the form of Felicity’s sister, Thea (Katie Cassidy), who returns to her home in Metropolis and joins the team.

Thea is the one who has been teasing the return for a long time, and her presence on the team will be a major focus of season 5.

In the end, Oliver and Sara find out that the virus was spread by someone else, and that it is being used to control the entire world.

The new leader of the group, a young woman named Damien Darhk (guests star John Barrowman), will use this virus to create a new virus that will wipe out everyone, including humans.

The virus is an evil that will destroy the planet and force a new “superman” to be born.

In addition to the virus that is being created, the Green Flash will also be trying to find the mysterious girl, Talia al Ghul (guess who?), who is now in possession of a new weapon.

The weapon will allow the Flash to use the virus to make people into super-powered superheroes.

The last part of this finale will also give fans a peek into the final fight between the Green and Black Flash.