What is the secret to getting the best old bay seasoning?

A little history, a little theory and a lot of luck. 

You’ve all heard about the great old bay sauce, but what is it?

The name itself has nothing to do with bay, but the flavour is from the bitter, spicy flavour of the bay, the same that’s used to cook beans and make a great chili sauce. 

The original recipe for Old Bay Seasoning was published in 1873 and is believed to have originated in the UK.

It was made by John James Audubon, a famed artist and conservationist, who was a lover of fresh seafood and wanted to make it into a condiment.

He had a specialised kitchen and created a special blend of herbs and spices that were very specific to the region.

He also had a secret ingredient, a bay leaf that he’d found in the sea, and he cooked it up to make a very special sauce, one that would be perfect for any fish and seafood cook.

What you need: A large jar with a lid, or a container of fresh or salt water