Fortnite season 5 trailer reveals new trailer and new features

Fortnites Season 5 trailer is here!

Fortnits season 5 teaser trailer is available for viewing now on the game’s official website and on the official trailer’s official Facebook page.

It also has the official description, which reads, “We’ll be introducing new gameplay mechanics and new gameplay elements in this season of Fortnited.


Fort Nightfall.”

As you can see in the above trailer, Fortniting Season 5 will have its own special theme, Fort Nightfire.

It will also be introducing its own mode called Fort Nightshade, which will take place at night.

We have no idea what that mode will entail yet, but we do know that the season will have a different layout than last season.

The trailer also features a new Fort Nightbase map, which is called Fort Nightmare, which features several new areas, including a new underground structure and new fortifications.

We also have a new trailer for the Fort Nightshadow campaign mode, which introduces players to the Fort’s shadow.

The season will also introduce a new map, Fort Darkest, which also contains several new structures, including the Fort Darkener, a dark tower that’s the Forts most powerful building.

It also includes a new mission called Fort Shadow, which requires players to destroy the shadow towers that are built around Fort Nightlight.

This season of the game will also have new achievements for completing the Fort campaign mode.

We are also looking forward to seeing what new Forts players can discover as they play through the game.

You can watch a new set of Fort Nightlights in the Fortnight trailer below.

The trailer features a Fort Nightblade, which takes players to Fort Nighttime, a new area where Fort Nightpower is revealed.

Fort Nightblade is also a new type of Fort, which allows players to enter Fort Nightdarkness.

FortNightblade is a Fortnight that takes players in a dark and ominous realm that contains Fort Nightforce, Fortnight’s powerful energy source.

You can find Fortnight on the map below.