Why are you not watching NFL season 4 on Netflix?

You know what?

You’re probably a lazy person.

It seems like everyone has their own streaming services, and you’re probably going to have a hard time finding one that suits your needs.

Netflix, the world’s largest streaming video platform, is offering an NFL season to its members for free. 

It’s a rare move for the company, which last year announced it was ending the NFL’s contract with Fox, which runs the show for the majority of the time. 

The move has been controversial, with some fans calling it an attempt to force the show’s return to Fox.

But Netflix has said it’s doing it because they wanted to make sure they got to the bottom of why season 4 ended.

Netflix has also said they will give fans another season of the show when it returns later this year. 

So why are you doing this?

Because of the new season? 

“We love our fans,” said Netflix spokesperson Scott Geller.

“And we know that they love to watch the NFL, so we decided to bring back an NFL experience for fans.” 

So what do you get for subscribing to Netflix’s NFL season?

You get a season that includes a full year of the NFL.

This season is available for free to subscribers on any platform. 

Netflix is offering its season to all subscribers, regardless of which service they subscribe to, with no limitations. 

You can find the season on the site, and the season is currently available for streaming. 

In fact, you can find it right now for free on Netflix, with the season coming out later this month.

Netflix says the first episode will be available in January, with episodes 2 and 3 to follow in April. 

If you want to watch it without the NFL on Netflix for free, you’ll need to be an NFL subscriber.

You’ll also need to log in to Netflix to get the season. 

There’s also no contract for this season, so you won’t be paying for the content. 

How to watch NFL season 3 on Netflix