Outlander Season 1 Episode 5 – The Return of the King

Five years after the first Outlander novel was published, we’re still waiting to see the first episode.

The series’ second season is now in the books and, while the series hasn’t had much of a chance to get its feet under the tree, it’s still been a massive undertaking.

The show’s creators, executive producers, writers and most of the cast are working together to try and bring out the best out of the characters, and the season five finale of Outlander was certainly one of the most exciting.

This week, EW caught up with executive producer/director Neil Marshall to find out what fans can expect for the third season.

EW: You guys have been working with Outlander writers since the beginning.

What has this season been like?

Neil Marshall: There was an initial plan for five seasons.

We had a little idea of where we wanted it to go.

And then, as we began working on the first season, we realized that it would be a big season.

We didn’t want to go too far into it.

We were really keen to get to the point where the show could really start to explore the themes and the mythology of this story, but at the same time, there were certain things that we felt were going to take us back to the beginning and to some of the more classic elements of the show.

I’m sure that people will be very disappointed with the end, but I’m very excited about the new season and I’m looking forward to the journey.

EW of course wants to know what you thought of the new episode, so we asked Neil Marshall what fans should expect from the series.

Neil Marshall, Executive Producer: It’s been very exciting for us.

We’ve been working so hard on it and we have to say that the production quality has been amazing.

There are so many things we’re trying to do to really bring the show to life and make it really feel like a season five.

We’re very excited to bring back all the fans and see what we can do with them.

EW is excited to see what you guys think.

Do you feel like you can see the season coming together in the next few weeks?

Neil: Yeah, I think so.

I mean, there’s been a lot of really fun scenes that have been shot.

We haven’t shot a lot yet, but we’ve been doing so much in post and the scripts are so good.

It’s really exciting to see it all come together and be really exciting.

EW can’t wait to see where the story takes us in the coming weeks.

Do we know when the next episode will premiere?

Neil?: I don’t know.

I know it’s coming up.

I think it will be in December.

It could be next week.

It’ll be a long time.

EW.com: We know there are some other upcoming Outlander episodes in the works.

Will the series be returning to its roots?

Neil:- I think we’re going to do a couple of things.

I’ll just say that there will be some things we are doing that are kind of in line with the characters and that’s going to be kind of exciting.

We can’t give away too much, but you’ll definitely see a few of them in the series finale.

We’ll definitely be going back to a lot more of the same elements that we started with.

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