Superstore season 3 news: Superstore Season 3 news

The superstore is back.

With the season 3 premiere debuting this week, superstores across the globe are giving fans the chance to shop for all the supernatural  store items.

For starters, we have Fajita Season 3 (which is coming to UK stores) which includes fajitas and grilled grills, fry dishes and grilling sauces, chicken wings, pizzas and chocolate chips.

And for those in the US, Supernatural Season 3 will also be available on Amazon, Walmart and the Big 4 supermarket.

The super-sized store will also have new gourmet items including beef and cheese curds, meatballs, mashed potatoes, baked beans and salsa and will have beverages including a beers and iced coffee .

Finally, the season 3 supershop will have a range of naughty  treats that will be available at every super store across the world.

There are also superhero themed items, like Superman Season 3 and Wonder Woman Season 3, which will be available at all super stores.

Superstore season 4 will be released on September 29.

Superstores season 5 will be out in November and will feature the new Season 6 supersuperstore items, including friggin crab and crab legs, crabs and wings, and supermodels with superpowers. 

And the next season will see Superstore Season 6, which is also coming to the UK and US.

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