How much can you pay for a show on Netflix?

It’s been a busy couple weeks for Netflix.

The streaming giant announced that it was rolling out a new series, “Power,” to expand the reach of the service.

It will be a drama about an elite team of scientists that’s tasked with finding a cure for the mysterious disease called COVID-19, a viral pandemic that has killed nearly 2.5 million people worldwide.

The series stars James Corden and Laura Dern, who plays a research scientist with a brilliant mind.

The show is expected to be released this summer, but its release date hasn’t been announced.

“Power” is being produced by Netflix’s international production arm, FXX.

The cast includes Kevin Spacey, Robert Downey Jr., David Cross and Robert Redford, who play scientists at the CDC.

The show is the latest Netflix series to be produced by FXX and the latest project to have a co-producer.

Last year, Netflix produced a “Girls” episode that aired in May that was a joint project with FX.

The Netflix deal with FX is also notable as the network’s first original series to have an outside producer.

The network is expected do more with “Girls.”

The show will be produced at the same time that Netflix is also working on a new Netflix original drama called “The Circus.”

Netflix has been steadily expanding its programming library, and its latest additions have a lot of fans and critics happy.

The company is also hoping to tap into a growing audience for its originals.

“The Circus” will be the first of a new wave of original programming that Netflix hopes to expand.

The first two episodes of the new show, which premieres July 6, are being produced at FXX by FX Studios.

The third episode is scheduled for release on Aug. 6.

The two series are also being co-produced by Netflix and FXX, and Fxx will oversee the production and distribution.

Netflix has been expanding its original programming offerings since the company’s inception in 2012.

The service has been a mainstay in the streaming landscape since its first series, Orange is the New Black, debuted in 2015.

Netflix has added original programming in 2017 and 2018, including shows like “House of Cards,” “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” “Orange is the Dark Valentine” and “Marvel Superheroes.”

Netflix has also been adding series to its original slate that have a strong fan following, including “Penny Dreadful,” “House Of Cards” and the upcoming “The Ranch.”

Netflix is hoping to keep these shows in the rotation, as it hopes to capitalize on its recent success in original programming.