A look at the Greek season 2: the season to watch

The second season of the Greek television show The Last Ship ended with an exciting cliffhanger ending.

In the last episode, we saw the crew of the ship go into the water and attempt to retrieve the Kraken from the bottom of the ocean, which is an underwater version of the sea.

We also saw the Kraken, which can move in different directions.

It’s not the Kraken that the show is aiming to be, however, as the story focuses on the crew, who are struggling to find their footing on the ship and overcome their growing fears of the Kraken.

It’s been a difficult season for the cast, but the finale of The Last Ships season 2 had a few things going for it.

First, it was a very good cliffhangers ending, where we finally got to see the Kraken in its new environment.

It’s the first time in a show that has had a real mythology in its mythology that we’ve seen it move through space.

We also got to finally see the crew finally escape the Kraken’s clutches.

The Kraken is an incredibly dangerous creature that can be very dangerous to people, so the crew decided to take them down with their own weapons, using the Kraken as a shield.

The Kraken is the first real threat to the crew on the last ship, and we know the Kraken is out there.

However, this was not the first season that had a cliffhanging ending.

In Season 1, we had the crew going to the beach after a terrible shipwreck and trying to figure out what happened to the Kraken after it was captured by the sea monster.

Season 2, however the cliffhangings were not as dramatic, but instead more focused on the characters in the crew.

I think the writers have managed to capture the essence of the story in the last season, which was that the crew are just trying to get through this dangerous world, but that they’re going to have to deal with a lot of different people in this world.