Fortnite Season 4 Trailer Review

Fortnites Season 4 trailer review: It’s not exactly the first Fortnits trailer that we’ve seen, but it does give us a taste of what the team will be doing when they’re on the show.

As usual, the Fortniting team is in it for the long haul, with Danos and the rest of the Fort team aiming to build a massive fort and a network of tunnels under the Earth’s surface.

Danos is tasked with protecting a world under siege by the invading horde, and in this trailer, we see him attempting to do just that.

The trailer opens with a young girl with a baby on her head who is playing with her new baby in the desert.

She tells her friend, “You better watch out for this baby.”

Danos replies, “We’ll do whatever we have to do, but you better watch your back.”

Danus then gives the baby a bath and tells her, “It’s okay, we can talk to you later.”

It’s clear that Danos has grown up in the world of Fortnited.

The video then cuts to a montage of Forts most memorable moments.

We see Danos, Fort’s lead engineer, and his team being attacked by a horde of undead.

The girl then shows off a new weapon, a laser beam.

Danus is then shown off his new laser pistol.

Danes team also finds a mysterious object on the planet, and it’s not a big enough laser to hit the horde.

The fort team then finds the object and, of course, the girl.

We get a close up of the two women’s faces as they struggle to protect the baby.

The trailer then cuts away to a shot of the baby’s parents.

Dans team discovers that they have been kidnapped, and they are now living on the fort.

Dan’s team is now on the run, and Dan’s baby is now at the forefront of their efforts.

Dan is now the sole survivor of Fort, and the baby is still holding Dan’s hand.

We then see the baby in a moment of relief, as he sees the Fort’s progress.

Dan’s team then makes their way to the fort’s basement, where they discover that their home is being attacked.

They quickly make it to the basement and open up the door, but a horde has come and gone.

Danus and his crew are then seen trying to get through a door to escape the attack, but the door has been opened by an army of undead and a horde is approaching.

The undead have the upper hand, and we see Dans baby being dragged away by the undead horde.

Dan then sees the baby again, but this time, it’s alive.

The Fort team finds themselves under siege.

Dan is then seen looking out over the fort as the undead continue to attack.

We hear the sound of the children’s laughter as Danis team makes their escape.

Dan then takes to his new weapon: a laser pistol and uses it to defend Fort.

He then fires his laser pistol to attack the undead and finally destroys the horde that has surrounded the fort with a giant wall of zombies.

The next part of the trailer shows Dans daughter playing with his new baby.

She is then attacked by zombies, and she is then killed by Danis.

Dan has been trapped in Fort, but his team has been able to flee, and he is now back in Fort’s basement.

The team is able to escape, and then Dan is seen being chased by zombies.

Danis daughter then takes a walk with Dan as they get away.

The next part shows Dan playing with the baby, and as he tries to play with it, Dan is killed.

The team then comes across a huge, open, cavernous hole in the Earth.

They find a cave in the middle of the cavern, and an enormous portal leads to the other side.

Dan tells his team to get the portal closed, as it is too big to get past, and to let Dan stay on the other end.

The portal closes, and everyone is trapped in the cavern.

Dan decides to stay and fight the undead, but he is killed when a giant zombie crawls through the portal and bites him.

Dan and his daughter then go through the tunnel to Fort’s base.

They fight their way through zombies, which then attack them and Dan, who then runs off to help Dan’s daughter.

Dan, now in Fort Camp, then decides to go through his portal to Fort, which is now in the Fort.

Dan and his baby then leave Fort Camp and head out to find Fort’s other team, the “Aces.”

The trailer then takes us to the team building arena, where we see a young woman with her baby on top of her head.

She gives her baby a quick kiss before the baby falls to the ground and the video cuts away.

Dan finally takes his place as Fort’s leader, as the team prepares to fight the horde, but