Why the Kings Are Better than the Rockets: They’re Not a Splash of Color

The Sacramento Kings have become the poster child for the “splash” and “shuffle” styles of basketball, and it’s no accident that the team’s recent run has been characterized by a certain kind of bluster.

After all, they’re currently ranked in the NBA’s bottom five in terms of wins, and their offense has been so pedestrian that they’ve had to use an unorthodox offensive strategy in order to generate offensive momentum.

Yet even in a season where they’ve been one of the NBA game’s better teams, there’s a feeling that they still haven’t quite figured out how to play the game, one that has been fueled by a sense of futility and frustration.

There’s also a sense that the Kings haven’t been able to develop a true identity, which has led to a feeling of desperation.

And while there’s still a lot of room for improvement in terms