Which of the four main new series will be the most watched on ITV in 2016?

A new series of the popular children’s show DuckTales, starring Lucifer the Vampire, is to return to ITV.

The BBC has confirmed that the DuckTale show will return to its usual home on ITV1, following the conclusion of its third season.

DuckTales’ return follows a two-year hiatus, following series four and five of the programme.

Lucifer, the main character, was first introduced in the Ducktales comics in 2003, where he was adopted by Dr. Hook and his team as a gift from Dr. Zartan, the arch-villain and one-time love interest of Hook.

Lucigas parents are revealed to have died in the series three finale, leaving Lucigas to be raised by his grandfather.

Lucifers adoptive mother was revealed to be the witch Dr. Gwen (Niamh Dunlop) in the comics.

Dr Hook was portrayed by actress Julie Walters in the fourth and fifth seasons, and was the daughter of a witch who was murdered by the titular character.

Dr Hook has been absent since DuckTails finale, although the show has returned for a series of four new episodes.

Lucas’ adopted mother, Zart, has also been absent from the series.