How to Get the ‘Bridgerton’ Season 4 Season 2 DVD on Amazon and Vudu (Part 2)

The season four finale of The Americans was so emotional and thought-provoking that it had me on edge.

The episode “Mannheim,” the show’s final episode, was a celebration of its characters and their lives, but also a celebration for its characters, too.

The scene in which Nina (Anna Paquin) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) make the choice to leave the US, despite being told they’d be better off staying, was one of the most emotional scenes of the season.

(And it’s one of my favorite episodes ever.)

“It’s an incredibly beautiful scene, because it’s both bittersweet and joyous, and it’s a bittersweet scene for all of us.

It’s not something that we ever really see the characters do, so it’s very touching for all us,” Paige said of the scene.

“It was so much about, how can we go through this?

And what’s it going to mean for our families, our lives, our families?

And it’s really an important thing to say about these characters.”

In the end, however, it’s Paige’s character’s decision to leave that’s most heartbreaking.

“We’re really struggling to be able to talk about this,” Paige added.

“Because we know that they’re going to be here forever.

We know that these people are here.

We just want to let them be with their families.

And it just doesn’t feel like that right now.”

That’s one thing that seems to make it feel like the show is finally finding a way to make this season feel more emotionally satisfying, like it’s finally finding the right balance between making you care about its characters (even if they’re not as likable as they used to be) and making you feel like they’re more important than the people they’re around.

For Paige, the final episode was an incredible way to wrap up her time on The Americans.

“I feel like it made the final season for me a very beautiful, cathartic moment,” she said.

“For me, the last couple episodes have really opened up the door for me to go on a journey with the characters that I have right now.

It was a great moment.”

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