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T-Mobile will soon begin rolling out a free trial of the popular Android and iOS app Taco Season 2 for T-mobile’s phones.

The app, which lets users choose a taco and fill it with their favorite toppings, is the first time T-Mo has added a taco season to its phones.

Taco Season will continue to be available on T-Mobiles flagship phones starting Monday, September 2.

Taco Seasons will also be available for free on the T-MOBILE app, with a new taco being added to the app every weekday.

Taco Season 2 will be available to all users who have signed up for the Tmobile app.

Users can choose from three different flavors of tacos available in a variety of toppings including cilantro, spicy mayo, spicy lime, and avocado.

Each taco has an expiration date, and Taco Season is free to download on Android and iPhone.

The tacos can be purchased at T-Mobiles online store, or via the app.

The T-Motor service, which launched in June, is a new app-based service for Tmobile users, which provides free unlimited data, unlimited talk, text and video messaging and unlimited talk and text and picture calling on the network.

Users will have to be registered for the service.

Taco season is the second time Tmo has added Taco Season to the network, following the Taco Season launch in February.

Taco season is a free, ad-supported app that will allow users to purchase tacos.

T-mo’s Taco Season app is available for both Android and Apple devices, and is available to download for free.