Burger seasoning season 5: Fortnite’s newest game has a new season

Season 5 of Fortnites Fortnits is getting a season 4 update on Friday.

The game has received an “expansion pack,” meaning new content for Season 4, but the new season will also include new maps, and it will be “completely different.”

Fortnitions Season 5 is also getting a “new look and feel,” according to the update.

It’s a much bigger game, which means it will look much different from the old season.

The season 4 game also has some new content as well, like the new game mode, and the new weapons and outfits that can be unlocked.

The expansion pack is currently available for $7.99.

Season 5 of the game is set to be released on October 25th, 2018.

You can see all the news and trailers for Season 5 below.