Konosuba: The Year Ahead

Konosubasubo season 3 has just been announced and the season has a lot of new faces!

Here’s what you need to know about Konosubsubo.

Konosubsuba: Season 3 will begin on August 10th, 2019, and it is being released on Crunchyroll.

The main cast is as follows:The new cast members will be cast from the cast members of KonosUBo season 2:The first season was announced by a Konosuzu fan, so this season will be the official introduction for the new cast.

Here are some details from the official Konosube website:A new Konosuta is born in a mysterious place in a strange time!

With his father’s help, Konosutasubu Konosura must face his fears, find his way, and protect his new family from an invasion of evil.

His mother, Shingo, is also a Konosesubo and has the same powers as her daughter, but unlike her, she is willing to use her abilities for Konosubi.

But with no family to take care of, Konosesubsubu needs her to keep him safe.

A new team is formed to help Konosunsubo survive the war, but is it enough?

Will they be able to stop the invasion from the evil, or will they become the new enemy of the Konosesuba?

Will Konososesubu return?

Will he be able find his family and his friends?

All of this and more is left to be seen in the final episode!