How to watch Fargo Season 2 on Hulu, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime: Here’s how to stream season 3

Now Playing: Netflix shows have their own streaming service for a limited time Now Playing.Now Playing Trump announces Kavanaugh confirmation as Supreme Court nominee, but Democrats vow to block it Now Playing How to keep your house safe from the […]

How to watch the live royal coronation coverage in Australia

There are still no coronavirus coronaviruses in Australia.The coronaviral pandemic that started in Australia has since spread to the United States, Canada and other countries, with an estimated 2,300 people in hospital.The Australian government has declared that coronavires are no […]

Which of the four main new series will be the most watched on ITV in 2016?

A new series of the popular children’s show DuckTales, starring Lucifer the Vampire, is to return to ITV.The BBC has confirmed that the DuckTale show will return to its usual home on ITV1, following the conclusion of its third season.DuckTales’ […]

Why the Kings Are Better than the Rockets: They’re Not a Splash of Color

The Sacramento Kings have become the poster child for the “splash” and “shuffle” styles of basketball, and it’s no accident that the team’s recent run has been characterized by a certain kind of bluster.After all, they’re currently ranked in the […]