How to watch Bloodline: The Season 4 premiere episode, which will be available on Amazon Video on Monday, February 17, 2019

If you’ve been watching Bloodline the past few years, you may have noticed a little bit of a pattern: Bloodline has been the network’s most popular show since it premiered in 2014.The first season was one of the most popular […]

‘The Defenders’ Season 4 Preview: The Defenders season 4 title ‘Titans’ Season 5 Preview: ‘The Titans’ season 5 preview

The Defenders: Season 4 premieres this Sunday on Netflix.It is the fifth and final season of the Marvel superhero team, which includes Finn Jones (Charlie Cox), Elektra (Elodie Yung), Jessica Jones (Rachael Taylor) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter).Netflix will stream […]